LETTERS: Kudos for Expositor stringer’s Environment Commissioner story

A class act that will be sorely missed

To the Expositor:

Thank you for the excellent January 16 article by Betty Bardswich on the recent visit by Environmental Commissioner Dianne Saxe to M’Chigeeng on January 7. Yes, “Newly-elected Ontario Premier Doug Ford did not take long to dismantle (progressive) programs and legislation when he took office.”  

Ironic that supporters of Ford’s Conservative government are the most strident critics of those who don’t share their climate change denial, claiming “more evidence is required.” While arguing for further debate, it seems climatec hange skeptics prefer to smear opponents and support the elimination of programs attempting to respond to this globally recognized crisis. Ms. Saxe is a class act and will be sorely missed when her office becomes officially eliminated on May 1. Quite likely, we won’t miss our water till the well runs dry.

Yours truly,

Derek Stephen McPhail

Providence Bay