Letters: Integrity and honesty should be the foremost qualities of an MP

All candidates should be asked if, in the past 10 years, they have committed theft

To the Expositor:

A question of interest to some local constituents that should have been posed to the candidates for the federal election

Have you, in the past 10 years, done or said anything/something either professionally or personally that could, loosely or not, be implied as theft (removal of objects not legally entitled to) or participated in any form of the selling/dispersal (of said objects not legally entitled to); or verbally criticized someone for comments that you know question your integrity in doing so; for which no amends (apology, returned property, monies paid, etc) have as yet been proffered? If you answered yes, don’t you think it is time you corrected the situation?

Questioning the integrity and honesty of the candidates as both should be first and foremost qualities of a representative of the constituents in our federal body of elected members of Parliament. You should be ‘squeaky’ clean. My opinion.

Elaine Moore

Green Bay