LETTERS: An ode to Manitoulin from a young admirer

I love Manitoulin so much I thought I wold write a poem about it

To the Expositor:

I have been coming to Manitoulin since I can remember. My nana, Carol Lennox (her maiden name is Strain), was born in Gore Bay and now she and my grandpa have a camp in Kagawong. I love Manitoulin Island so much so I thought I would write a poem about it!

I thought you might like to publish it in your newspaper! Please let me know if you do!

Here is my poem!

My favourite place

The lake is as blue as a gem

the breeze blows through the trees 

And the breeze blows through me 

The deer gallop through the forest,

so gently and graceful, the whole world just stops, 

While the deer are so playful…

Grace Fryd, 12 years old