LETTERS: A plea to investigate the plight of the glass recycling dilemma

A lack of market leads to different strategies for dealing with the waste

To the Expositor:

The Gore Bay transfer station no longer recycles glass jars and bottles. They are put in with the regular garbage that goes to the landfill. I hope your reporters could investigate this as to the reasons for it.

Is this Island-wide? Kindly report in your newspaper.

John Cole

Gore Bay

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dear Mr. Cole: You are correct in that many landfills and transfer stations on Manitoulin no longer recycle glass as, quite simply, there isn’t a market for it. In Assiginack and the Northeast Town, the glass is collected at the recycling station at the landfill and is then crushed and used as landfill cover. In Central Manitoulin, the glass is taken away by the municipal contractors, Municipal Waste and Recycling Corp. to its off-Island plant. In Gore Bay, the transfer station is run jointly by the Town of Gore Bay and Gordon Township and, because of the lack of profitability of glass recycling and due to being unable to find an affordable solution to deal with it, glass is not accepted at the transfer station. Gore Bay CAO Annette Clarke suggests contacting the Transfer Station Committee, through her, for further information or to offer suggestions.