LETTERS: A heartfelt shout out to the amazing Dewar family

And a challenge to outbid Adam McDonald for the first bottle of maple syrup of 2019

To the Expositor:

As I am lying in my hospital bed I feel it’s important to write this letter. Some of you may already know my personal experience with cancer. My journey has had many ups and downs, tears, struggles and fears. 

What the Dewar family is doing has helped my family and other families feel the ease of the financial strain and provide resources while going through this journey. Not only am I proud to be from the same community as the Dewars, they have become good supportive friends. 

I would like to challenge you to outbid me for the first bottle of maple syrup produced in 2019. To bid, search the following Facebook page: ‘Dewar Family Maple Syrup Shack is asking for Donations.’


Adam McDonald

Providence Bay