Letter: Younger generations are being abusive to animals on the Island

Remember, animal abuse is a crime

To the Expositor:

My name is Jarvis Brookes and I’m writing in to express my concern of the younger generations being abusive towards animals on the Island.

Last year three to four young kids hit a deer with their truck, after which they tied a noose around its neck and dragged it up Hwy 540 to the high school. They then proceeded to take the deer eyes, tongue and ears to hang around the school. 

One week ago I saw kids go out of their way to run over a beautiful mother turtle. 

I was wondering if it’s possible to make people aware on the Island that this type of animal abuse is a crime. I am truly disgusted at the lack of concern and attention to our beloved animals. 

If not, it is only a matter of time before our beautiful Island is ruined because the lack of respect to mother nature.

I am tired of it and am ready to make a stand


Jarvis Brookes

Gore Bay