Letter: Words of gratitude for an exceptional gifted young man

Mindemoya’s Yonge Street is a cleaner place thanks to his efforts to clean up the ditches

To the Expositor:

A big thanks should go out to one of our locals, Jamie Pyette, who has been cleaning up Yonge Street here in Mindemoya, I’ve noticed. He’s been picking up garbage along the road and ditches; my husband and I noticed this yesterday evening when I asked about the garbage bags along the road. 

This young man doesn’t have to do this and spent his time to help clean up our community. Jamie is often doing stuff like this for our town, he’s also a great photographer and captures beautiful pictures in and around Mindemoya and I believe sells some of his pictures online. A gifted young man who cares for his community. 

Thank you, Jamie.

Trisha Lentir