Letter: Those facing cancer diagnosis should join the Island support group

Next meeting is at the Anglican Church in Kagawong on October 20, from 2 to 4 pm

To the Expositor:

When you are suddenly confronted with a cancer diagnosis, what do you and your family do? After the initial shock and grief you want to find out what will happen next. You want to talk to others who have gone through the treatments. You often want to educate yourselves about what you have got. You often go onto the internet and then you can get more scared.

We have been through it. We find that it is really good to talk and share our experiences. Our group started off in ‘94  started by Ciann Strickland for women with breast cancer. Now we have evolved into a cancer support group for anyone we can help and support who has any kind of cancer. It seems that we are always hearing of someone else who has just heard the word cancer applied to themselves or a family member, co-worker or friend.

Why don’t you come out and join us? We meet when needed, wherever the best place may be for those who want to come. Our next meeting will be Sunday, October 20 from 2 to 4 pm at the Anglican church in Kagawong. We are also in the process of having cards available with contact information.

October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month and some of us take part in Run for the Cure for Breast Cancer Research.

Thank you for reading this. Please pass it on. 

Mary Buie