Letter: Strife in the education sector must end

Provincial masters should focus on corporate fraud and corruption

To the Expositor:

The ongoing unresolved issues between our teachers and our government is a travesty that must be resolved post haste and forthwith. Whom is this dispute affecting? Our youth, our future.

Stephen Lecce, minister of Education, is needlessly creating this crisis. His boss, Doug Ford, has obviously affected his behaviour in the sense that Mr. Lecce’s mandate is to put cost cuts over all logic. Our government has rightfully placed regulations regarding educators’ agendas, behaviour in our schools, curriculum, schedules, mandates, even very strict qualification requirements. One could easily proclaim our teachers are “bootstrapped to perfection.” Other than their home environment, whom else has so much effect on shaping the outcome of our youth, our society’s future, indeed the entire welfare of our very being, continuance of such a great culture. 

Why not make the classroom environment, its pupil sizes unlimited, that way, you can single handedly destroy our province’s future, without having to tolerate your costly nonsense, disruptions, aggravation, standoffs, every contract renewal anniversary. We all have come to know our teachers through their compassionate handling regarding their situations with parents/teachers, meetings, daily exposure to their beloved subjects, their scrutiny in our communities.

Stop picking on the wrong members of our society, Doug and Stephen. Focus more on political and corporate fraud and corruption for God sakes.

Michael R. White

Little Current