Letter: Reality television has totally ruined the tube

Politicians are no better—promises made and nothing kept

To the Expositor:

This is about our great television we have now. One hundred and two dollars a month for total garbage. This new reality television has totally ruined TV. I have 164 DVDs and they are 10 times better than television. You get one reality and another dozen feed of it and it is a total mess. Time to turn off the crap. 

Now let’s talk politicians. I haven’t voted in the last two elections. It does not matter who we put in, it’s always the same crap. The promises and then you hear no more. But they make big bucks for nothing. The only two politicians that have done anything was Bud Wildman, 20 years ago. The only one now is France Gelinas. Other than them, it’s a joke. Lord we need help.

Jack Witty

Bar River, Ontario