Letter: Politicians are very pretentious

When it comes to ordinary citizens they do not have to keep their word to you

To the Expositor:

Every time I watch the news there is always something about the environment. From what I understand of this it is just going to get more expensive to live, and with no income increase, even with the carbon tax rebates it’s not enough when it is only $170 a year. Every time we go grocery shopping we are paying carbon tax on top of our grocery bill. It is a hidden tax for us to pay and now the government is saying they are going to give you tax breaks. Well, that is not quite true because I think the carbon tax is supposed to increase again this year and whatever tax break you’re going to get will probably not help at all. Especially for the people who are living on a fixed income. It just gets harder for them to live. Maybe everybody who lives on a fixed income will have to depend on food banks, maybe even pensioners will have to depend on it too. 

Citizens should know that politicians are very pretentious in fact they are just hypocrites. I know all the tricks they use against citizens and it’s saddening to see citizens falling for their tricks. When it comes to ordinary citizens they do not have to keep their promises to you, that is just how it works.

Ronald Osawabine