Letter: Let the politician who has never sinned cast the first stone

A defence with a thousand cuts

To the Expositor:

I, personally, find it difficult to comprehend how low some so-called “honourable” politicians can go in order to assassinate the character and personality of another politician for personal and “party” gain. 

Such is the case with the attempted and disgraceful attack on Justin Trudeau. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not infatuated with the antics of Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada. He spends taxpayers’ money like it has gone out of style.  He will lavish millions of dollars on any group or cause he thinks will keep him in the PMO. He makes unwise promises that never materialize. He is trying to disarm and discredit honest, law-abiding Canadians who hunt and target shoot. I could go on, but I won’t.

However, I do not believe he is a racist! He apparently took part in vaudeville-style theatrics, and someone took several pictures, which they have made public several decades after the event.

Opposing politicians are using that event to brand him a “racist;” was Al Jolson who made up his face and dressed as a person of colour, then crooned songs like ‘Mamie’ to standing ovations also a racist? No, I do not believe so.

One can certainly criticize Justin’s policies, his protectionism of Quebec, his favouritism of certain ethnic groups and incredible ways of spending taxpayers’ money, but that does not make him a racist.

Let the politician who has never sinned cast the first stone. I don’t believe you will find one.

Robert G. Paxton

Little Current