Letter: Killens kudos to Christine Mick

The Manitoulin Roads and Weather Report is a tool to prevent and avoid weather hazards

To the Expositor:

I wish to give a shout out to Christine Mick for the creation of the Manitoulin Roads and Weather Report Facebook group. For those of you who are users of Facebook, she is no stranger. She has created a page that has current and immediate reports of road and weather news.

I suggest that even if media (TV or radio), while they try, cannot give immediate up to date weather of a specific stretch of road without the ability of reaching out to those who can share on Facebook actually travelling that stretch at the very moment you want to know.

Christine Mick is a silent, unsung hero of all that is good. She has given us a tool to prevent, avoid and stay away from potential hazards to our well-being while travelling. Thanks Christine on behalf of this Manitoulin family for your ingenious and caring action of creating this page.

Larry Killens

South Baymouth