Letter: Jesus as the reason for the season isn’t an excuse to buy someone’s love

Our affluent children have been inundated with too much stuff

To the Expositor:

There is a spark of kindness in all of us that has a desire to give to others. And sometimes for the wrong reasons. For too long, we have been manipulated by the exploitation of Christmas merchandizing.

‘Jesus being the reason for the season’ should not become an excuse to buy someone else’s affection. This is not ‘the way.’

‘What did you get?’ was the saddest question I heard after a family Christmas gift giving extravaganza. It was so demoralizing that I decided then not to buy anymore manufactured Christmas gifts. Although unpopular, I felt I was making a statement.  

It was so delightful then to hear our librarian recently make a similar comment. ‘We don’t need anything.’ That is true. Our affluent children have been inundated with too much stuff. It is not good for them. But we can never get enough of kindness. It does not corrupt but enriches the giver and receiver. It cannot be bought or sold, but given freely. And yet, one of the most expensive gifts to give because it comes from the heart.

I was given the name of a Mennonite contractor from Tehkumah who came to do a job for me I could not do myself. It didn’t take him 15 minutes to complete. When I asked him for the bill he looked at me and said,’consider it a Christmas gift.’ It wasn’t about the money. It was the compassion he showed me, a stranger, an unexpected surprise.

Lee Weimer