Letter: Governments have compassion for the rich, the poor? Not so much.

Politicians are avoiding the plight of the homeless and dispossessed

To The Expositor:

When it comes to our governments, federal or provincial, they never show any compassion for the poor, but when it comes to the rich they certainly show a lot of compassion. So, eagerly handing out big corporate welfare cheques while we have a lot of homelessness. It used to be not like this, we use to have more affordable housing, but not anymore. These leaders in Sudbury did invest millions of dollars into this development of a new arena and casino. Homelessness first, our leaders are always making stupid decisions and I know there are probably people dying on the streets everyday because of homelessness. But, we do not hear about it in the media, probably because it’s too shameful to be reported to the media. 

Every day what’s happening in our cities, the truth because governments have ways of hiding the truth from citizens. If citizens knew the truth they would be very upset or just angry and I do not think the government will ever change either. I wonder how this country will look in the next couple of years? My guess is it may be a lot worse than it is today, especially when it comes to homelessness. I am not seeing the government doing anything about it or no one’s talking about it that politicians are just staying away from it. Nobody is talking how to solve it because if they are going to solve it, income needs to be increased. But, they are just too stingy to share the wealth, they would just rather leave the homeless out in the streets. Saving money is more important than anything else.

Ron Osawabine