Letter: Compliments bestowed on Northeast Town

Downtown docks and dock area have never looked better

To the Expositor:

I would like to compliment the Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands for the outstanding condition and appearance of the downtown and dock area in Little Current this summer. 

We have boated out of Little Current most summers since 1988 and the town has never looked better. We appreciate the garden plantings along the water.

In addition, we would like to shout-out a loud thank you to the dock crews this summer. This applies mainly to the workers at the downtown docks where we moored a number of times, but we also had outstanding contacts with the crew at Spider Bay Marina (where we had a summer well through the ‘90s) and the guys at Wally’s.

Thanks to all.  We hope to see you again next summer.

Tom Geggie

Troy, Michigan