Letter: Citizens need to be more careful in what they see on social media

Governments just take your vote for granted

To the Expositor:

With the upcoming election, citizens need to be more careful on what they see or read online with your internet service fake news. If it sounds good, then it’s probably fake. It would be safer just to sit on it and wait for the media reports or TV news, we do not want to see the same thing happening here like in the United States. 

Furthermore, these internet scams are increasing, it’s not even safe to have internet anymore. I do like the NDP campaign ad. It sounds like fairness, but I do not know if it can be done because of these bureaucrats within the government that are always blocking anything good for the ordinary citizens. They just want to keep making you suffer; they must enjoy seeing you like that. Fixed incomes need to be increased. Ordinary citizens are just pawns with the government, that is why we are always poor. They just take your vote for granted and whoever wins, I bet nothing will change either. Maybe one thing will change, it will just keep getting more expensive for us to live. I think all of us know that the federal government is collecting millions of dollars from this carbon tax, but they are not sharing it like they should. Getting $170 rebate back yearly is not good enough when you are a homeowner. This rebate should be monthly to ordinary citizens. We should be thinking about this when you go to the polls, the federal government is robbing you blind, making you suffer for their own selfish reasons.

Ron Osawabine