Letter: Churches are closing and beer parlours are filling up

A huge health dilemma is coming in the years ahead

To the Expositor:

Back in the ‘50s and ‘60s era, advertising of cigarettes was everywhere and it was cool to be lighting up. Now in these past years, we’ve been dying by the thousands due to smoking-related diseases. 

Now alcohol and opiates are taking alcohol’s place. Beer and spirits are at our fingertips. New breweries are popping up everywhere with the younger generation in mind. Police, ambulance workers, doctors, nurses, hospitals could handle the tobacco era but the alcohol and opiate era is beyond their control, and we haven’t even seen the full results yet of the many health problems that have yet to come.

Churches are closing and beer parlours are filling up—is that a problem? I believe we have a real huge health dilemma coming in the years ahead.

Yours truly,

Lyle Dewar

Providence Bay