Letter: Change is a necessary component in bettering the community

Leadership works for the community, not their own agenda

To the Expositor:

When we want change, we try to make change, but with Whitefish River First Nation (WRFN) leadership, I guess people don’t get it if the “same” people are getting back in this role. 

Leadership choose people to manage our monies, make decisions for employees, and to do other things for the betterment of the community. But when leadership says it is okay to hire those without the proper education or knowledge for a position such as in human resources, daycare positions, health clinic positions and overall administration roles, well this is bothersome, especially if they are getting paid an outrageous amount for the work or time they are working. 

So, how is this justified? Instead of having all sorts of job opportunities for people and then to hire those without proper qualifications is a joke, leadership should be concentrating on how to train our own people for these positions. Not hire those with “much experience” which means five years only of being in a role or because they know how to fill out forms and please leadership by kissing their bottoms? Leadership is so worried about cannabis that they have harder drugs right under some of their noses, but hey, smoking something legal is wrong? There are so many other issues, but the fact is that even some community members stated, “Change? What change? Only when elections are close by is when we hear this word, change.” 

WRFN leadership is forgetting one thing, they work for the people, not us work for them, and they are not in there to work for themselves and to be fair to all, not for their own agenda!

Anastasia Cywink

Whitefish River First Nation