Letter: Central Manitoulin council is running roughshod over taxpayers

No wonder people must be appointed to fill vacancies

To the Expositor:

We realize now that the Central Manitoulin council can run roughshod over us taxpayers with the proposed new multi-million-dollar sports complex, after the resignation of another one of our common-sense senior councillors by the name of Linda Farqhuar. On this Island council needs to remember that we have more struggling seniors trying to pay the high cost of living here than we have young people and that trend is continuing. Instead of building something we already have, council needs to be preparing for the garbage disposal problem looming large in the very near future. With the new salvage company taking over and the approximate cost hike of 44 percent, look out seniors, we ain’t seen nothing yet. It’s no wonder people have to be appointed to this council with the kind of decisions that are made without the consent and consultations of the taxpayers you are representing.


Lyle Dewar

Providence Bay