Letter: An open letter to Premier Doug Ford

Geoengineering should be investigated and Ontario should demand the federal government stop geoengineering now

Dear Premier Ford,

I am writing to you today in regards to the phenomenon of geoengineering. Specifically, I hope to bring your attention to the apparent practice of Stratospheric Aerosol Radiation Management (SARM).

Major universities around the world, including Harvard and Oxford, have called for the practice of SARM to commence as a possible solution to global warming. In fact, what they propose appears to be exactly what is already happening in our skies. Successive Canadian governments have denied that SARM has already begun.

On at least three occasions, the House of Commons has heard petitions from the people of Canada asking that SARM cease. The earliest petition I could find is below.

On November 18, 1999, the people of Espanola (Ontario) petitioned Parliament. Addressing the Canadian government on their behalf, NDP Defence Critic Gordon Earle explained: “Over 500 residents of the Espanola area have signed a petition raising concern over possible government involvement in what appears to be aircraft emitting visible aerosols. They have found high traces of aluminum and quartz in particulate and rainwater samples.” These concerns, combined with associated respiratory ailments, have led these Canadians to take action and seek clear answers from this government. The petitioners call upon Parliament to repeal any law that would permit the dispersal of military chaff or of any cloud-seeding substance whatsoever by domestic or foreign military aircraft without the informed consent of the citizens of Canada thus affected.”

In the last few years, similar petitions have come forward with similar wording, and a similar response from the federal government of the day that no such practice exists.

Twenty-one First Nations from the area mentioned above (Espanola/Manitoulin Island/North Channel) have begun proceedings against the federal government for longstanding and unsolicited aerial spraying in their traditional territories.

Despite ongoing efforts by the Canadian government to squash another federal court case, T-431-16 (Dan Pelletier vs HMQ) continues. This is a mass-tort proposed class proceeding (“Proceeding”) brought in the Federal Court of Canada in respect of aerial discharges (“Aerial Discharges”) performed or sanctioned, directly or indirectly by Her Majesty the Queen in Canadian air space, and which Aerial Discharges compromise cognitive function, damage property and the environment, amongst many other heads of damage.

I believe that geoengineering is occurring in our Canadian skies. I believe it is harmful and will fail to stop global warming. No Canadian citizen has been asked if they consent to this practice. Geoengineering is being leveled upon the people, creatures, air, land and seas to deleterious effect.

First, I ask that you investigate the practice of geoengineering in Canada, specifically as it relates to the people of Ontario. Second, please demand that the federal government stop geoengineering now, most specifically SARM.

I thank you for your time and concern and look forward to hearing news of progress on my request.


Zak Nicholls

Little Current