Letter: An ode in praise of a true local hero

Congratulations on 16 years at the helm of the Cruisers’ Net

An Ode to Cruisers’ Net 2019

Another season at the mic 

9 AM sharp from the Anchor Inn

Roy Eaton is still connecting boaters

A hip operation and rehab—no problem

Like docking on a windy day

Make adjustments as necessary

Sixteen years ago 

Before smart phones and social media 

He created a radio show 

A daily broadcast to help visitors 

Explore the breathtaking North Channel

And to foster fellowship and goodwill

His smooth voice relays the marine 


— temps, winds and pending storms

Invisible ears cocked on dozens of 


A smattering of world and Canadian


A pinch of sports, along with ‘this day in


And local news with personal twists

Surprises for boaters this year

An arched pedestrian bridge at east end

of town docks

Blue railings, bordered with red and white flowers

Even more striking—

Record high water submerges many docks

More than four feet above chart datum

An interview with a kayaker fined for no life jacket

Remorseful yet glad, she shared her OPP story

An important reminder of a zero-tolerance policy

Updates from an intrepid paddle boarder 

Crossing the waters from the Soo to Toronto

A gazillion strokes and good cheer all the way

Little Current Cruisers’ Net—utilitarian and uplifting

Roy, hearty congratulations on 16 years at the helm

Many thanks, fair winds and 73

Phil Sparling

Little Current