Letter: An expression of concern for a dying ocean

Our Nova Scotia happy place—a paradise lost

To the Expositor:

No seagulls, no little ocean creatures on the sand bars. No tickle fish underfoot, no star fish, crabs, razor fish, no jelly fish, no flocks of sandpipers scurrying along the water line, the ocean is dying on the Northumberland Strait, Nova Scotia. I fear for the life of our great-grandkids. 

Our Nova Scotia beach, our happy place, our paradise changed so drastically this summer: very little beach glass to add to our collection, didn’t walk the two miles to watch the seals cavorting and barking on their rocky point of land. I hope they are still there. The usual late August storm didn’t produce the mounds of kelp and seaweed this year, didn’t have a clear path through it to get to the water.

Observations of a Bluenoser, 

Joan Austin

Little Current