Letter: An endorsement of the Conservative position on energy

I do not support anybody who does not return a favour

To the Expositor:

When it comes to our energy, I have to agree with the Conservative party on this. I wonder if citizens can remember what happened when the Liberals were pushing for green energy. It caused our hydro bills to skyrocket. Citizens could not afford to pay for their hydro. Myself, I use oil and wood for heating, it’s more affordable for me with this carbon tax. It’s starting to affect farmers, it’s the cost. Who do you think is paying for that? Well it’s you and me because these farmers have to pass down that extra cost to their customers. It’s so easy for these idiots to go around shooting off their mouths without knowing the cost of switching energy.

I keep noticing my grocery bill increasing and I know it has to do with carbon tax. It is the delivery cost. I did receive a call from the MP’s office looking for support, I ended up telling this person off. It was about my income and how it never increases, why would I support them? They are not doing anything about this because I did talk about this before they are just using you for their own selfish reasons. Just to get your vote, that is all it is with them. I do not support anybody who does not return a favour, it’s give and take. That is what I call support one another after the elections. They will just turn their attention back to the rich again and forget about their promises.

Ron Osawabine