Legion hosts public speaking competition

Winners in the three divisions of the Legion Branch #514 public speaking competition are, from left, Rylee Williamson, Amara Wilson-Zegil and Mason Leighton.

The Recorder

GORE BAY—Their topics ranged from hunting, the Canadian Armed Forces, Chanie Wenjack/Gord Downie, road trip foods, money, to what our pets are thinking and plants have feelings too.

Students of Charles C. McLean Public School in Gore Bay took part in the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #514 Western Manitoulin 2018-2019 public speaking contest this past Monday. 

Tracey Chapman, principal of C.C. McLean spoke to the quality of the presenters’ speeches, noting that the judges all had “really tough” decisions in choosing a winner in each of the divisions.

In the Grade 1-3 division, Rylee Williamson presented a speech on the ‘Canadian Armed Forces’ that garnered her first-place recognition. Other speakers in her division included Brynn Best whose speech was on ‘My Dog, Chloe,’ Jaci Olson-Ewart on ‘Hunting,’ and Garrison Patterson on ‘Subway.’

Again, it was a difficult choice for judges to choose the eventual winner in the Grade 4-6 division. However, Amara Wilson-Zegil and her topic ‘1966 Batman’ took top spot. Gage Patterson with ‘Hockey Experience,’  Alexis Wilson-Zegil’s presentation on ‘Road Trip Foods,’ and Willow Fogal spoke on ‘Chanie Wenjack/Gord Downie.’

Mason Leighton and his speech on ‘Money’ was chosen by the judges as first for the Grade 7-9 division. Other speakers in this division included Jenna Shank’s speech on ‘Plants Have Feelings Too,’ and ‘What Our Pets are Thinking,’ delivered by Patrick McCann.

“We need to give a round of applause to the judges here today, and to the Royal Canadian Legion for hosting the public speaking contest,” said Ms. Chapman. She also acknowledged the efforts of Gaynor Orford, Enid Runnalls and Linda Wilson for judging the semi-finals, and to Heather Turner, Kaye Nadeau and Lydia Burlein for judging on Monday, and Maureen Armstrong, the chairperson of the judges, and  Laurie Addison for greeting and time keeping.