LC Yacht Club cancels MacMan Race

Youth sailing program also cancelled for this summer

LITTLE CURRENT—After celebrating its 10th anniversary last year, the MacMan Challenge International Yacht Race between Mackinac Island and Manitoulin has been cancelled for this summer along with the Little Current Yacht Club’s (LCYC) youth CANSail program.

“We just don’t have anyone to run the race or the program,” LCYC Commodore Jim Corless told The Expositor last week. “We had to cancel the MacMan Race because we didn’t have the committee to organize it. It was pretty much the same people on the committee who had started it and they were getting tired. We were hoping other individuals would step up to run it last year, but no one did so everyone agreed to stay on for one more year since it was the tenth anniversary. Now everyone’s retired from the committee and no one has stepped up, which is a shame.”

As for the CANSail program, Mr. Corless said that last year the program was hit hard when only 40 youths signed up.

“We were expecting 100 youths last year, but we only had 40,” explained Mr. Corless. “We are trying to work with Ontario Sailing to put on a one week program, but right now we are just waiting to hear back. It’s too bad because we have all this wonderful equipment that we can’t really put to use.”

The CANSail program and MacMan Race go hand in hand, as funds realized from the race were able to help the LCYC fund the youth sailing program.

Mr. Corless shared that although the MacMan Race won’t be occurring this year, the LCYC is “in some discussion about planning an alternative race for the North Channel.”

“But nothing is for sure yet,” he added, “though our other club races will be happening this year (the Cooper Cup, Eaton Cup, CENTIS Cup, Bousquet Challenge and the Anchor Inn/Labatt Fall Classic).”