Lakeview Leading the Way

Lakeview School hosts its annual fun-filled fall feast

by Aspen Debassige 

On Friday, October 11, M’Chigeeng First Nation families and community members gathered in Lakeview School’s gym for its yearly Fall Feast.

Since 2011, Lakeview School has been having the Fall Feast in their very own gymnasium. Clarice Pangowish, Lakeview School’s Native language instructor explains why the Fall Feast is important: “Because community is important to Anishinabek people. The change in season is a significant time for us as well to give thanks for the gifts we have received during the summer and spring.”

Before guests arrived, some of the Grade 7 and 8 students helped set up the tables and chairs. Sandra Taibossigai and Duane and Bev Cress helped in the kitchen preparing corn soup, moose stew and deer meat. Migizi Saaswaanhs (Eagle’s Nest) students also made their own moose stew. Mrs. Lorraine Debassige made wild rice with berries. There were volunteers cooking fish and Patsy Panamick was even there frying up her famous scone. There were also staff and students helping with various tasks such as plating desserts, making juice, coffee and tea.

In the school yard, the UCCM Police showed and helped each student make a corn on the cob pin with beads, some string and pipe cleaners. Also, while Duane Cress was not in the kitchen he was outside demonstrating how to cut a fish for all the classes. The Grade 7 students also helped with the SK and Grade 1/2 class when it was their turn to check out the activities.

Once the food, tables and chairs had been set up and all the classes had been outside, guests, community members and family members started to arrive.  First, the acting principal, Mr. Camillo, gave a welcoming speech to all the guests. Then the Nagwagnak students played a song on their hand drums. After that the Grade 7 and 8 students made plates for the elders who came. Once the elders had their plates, guests and students lined up to make their own plates and everyone feasted on all the delicious food the students brought in, including desserts. 

This reporter hopes that Lakeview’s Fall Feast continues for many more years to come. 

Aspen Debassige is a 12-year-old citizen of M’Chigeeng First Nation and her dream is to become a teacher or gymnast.