Kagawong residents host spectacular Christmas display of lights, decorations

A Christmas wonderland! The MacKay house in Kagawong is the scene for this spectacular display of Christmas decorations and lights.

KAGAWONG—At this time of the year the MacKay house at Hideaway Cove in Kagawong is a very popular place for people to come and take pictures or videos of their spectacular Christmas decoration and lights display on their property. 

And the owners of the house and property, Brad and Chrisanne MacKay, encourage people to come and look at the Christmas display. The entire front yard area has again this year been transformed into an incredible Christmas wonderland.

“Yes, we get people here every night to take pictures and videos,” acknowledges Mr. MacKay. 

There are Christmas trees with lights and decorations, wreaths, candy canes, reindeer, a nativity scene and much more. “We built the gingerbread house and we added a nativity scene this year,” explains Mr. MacKay. “We also added a stack of presents all lit up.”

“We try to make the display a little bigger every year,” says Mr. MacKay. This year he estimates the amount of lights in this incredible display totals “about 27,000.”

“No, it isn’t the hydro that is the big expense in the display, it’s the LED lights that we have to change from one year to the next. They are supposed to last 100,000 hours, but they certainly don’t,” he says ruefully. 

“It takes about two weeks to get everything set up for the display,” says Mr. MacKay, who was first exposed to this type of Christmas display as a youngster, with his parents carrying out a huge Christmas display at their house in Toronto every year. 

Mr. MacKay notes, “I know some places where visitors to a Christmas light display are asked to make donations to their local food bank to view the display.” He quips, “we are so far off the beaten path here, we can’t expect anyone to provide food for the food bank to see our display.”

The display, which runs nightly from 5 pm until 11 pm will be in place until New Year’s. Check out this incredible display. You won’t be disappointed!