Icebreaker operations in Whitefish River, Georgian Bay, delayed a week

File Photo

GEORGIAN BAY–Icebreaking activities for Georgian Bay and Whitefish River are again delayed, according to the United States Coast Guard (USCG).

“We’re still really struggling with Lake Superior,” Mark Gill, director of vessel traffic service for the USCG, told The Expositor. “Pretty much all our assets (Canadian and American) are committed to Lake Superior and the St. Mary’s River.”

Mr. Gill said that all transits have been delayed until the end of April, with icebreaking in Whitefish River likely to commence towards the end of next week.

He said the two industry vessels that were interested in making their way to this area of the Great Lakes have delayed their arrival until the end of the month.

Mr. Gill said Mother Nature has also been lending a helping hand, which is most welcome.

The Expositor will report on the icebreaker’s arrival date as this information becomes available.