Ice storm sees many large trees felled in Gore Bay

This tree came down over a deck at an apartment unit in Gore Bay December 30.

MANITOULIN – Much of Manitoulin Island was without hydro thanks to downed trees felling Hydro lines caused by a December 30 ice storm. The storm saw heavy snow, rain and high winds.

In Gore Bay alone, there were many trees that came down on fences and in yards with one very large tree breaking off and ending up in the deck of an apartment located in town while just next door another large pine tree fell on that property, severely damaging a fence.

There was another large tree down on a property on Huron Street in Gore Bay where the tree had split in half. 

The Gore Bay Volunteer Fire Department had to respond to a tree that had knocked down a Hydro One line in front of a residence in town on the morning of December 30. When the fire department arrived they found the downed Hydro One line sparking. Luckily no one was injured and Hydro One work crews were on hand quickly. By the next day, December 31, Hydro One had been able to restore power to most areas of the North Shore corridor and Manitoulin Island following the previous day’s ice storm. However, power was still out for some customers in the Cockburn Island area, Spring Bay and Sheguiandah on Manitoulin until the noon hour.