Hwy 540 Indian Point bridgework delayed

MANITOULIN – While work on the Manitou River bridge will be completed later this fall, an unexpected delay means the Indian Point Bridge work will not be finalized until 2020.

As was reported earlier this spring, the Ontario government had invested $1.3 billion to rebuild and restore highways and bridges across Ontario, including the rehabilitation of the two bridges on Manitoulin.

However, Kristin Franks, regional issues and media advisor with the Ministry of Transportation Northeastern Region explained last week, “the Indian Point Bridge on Highway 540 is being rehabilitated this year as part of a larger road construction project. Originally we expected this bridge rehab to be completed by the end of this month (October), but construction is now expected to be complete in June 2020.”

“The revised schedule is due in part to high water level challenges at the Manitou River Bridge located on Highway 542 in Sandfield, which is part of the larger contract,” said Ms. Franks. “Once those high water levels at the Manitou River Bridge receded, the contractor’s resources were directed to this site to complete the work required on the underside of the structure within the in-water timing restrictions.” 

She continued, “the Indian Point Bridge is located on Highway 540 in Gordon Township. The rehabilitation includes localized repairs to the bridge deck, sidewalk, barrier walls and other structural components, as well as waterproofing/paving of the bridge deck.”

“To facilitate construction the highway is reduced to one lane at the bridge,” continued Ms. Franks. “The Indian Point Bridge will be open to two lanes for the winter to allow for proper snow removal and two-way traffic.” 

This project had been awarded earlier this year to Belanger Construction for $1,896,444.