Photo Gallery: Huge waves rock South Baymouth

SOUTH BAYMOUTH—The waves crashing ashore at South Baymouth Thanksgiving Sunday were unlike any seen in recent memory.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said longtime South Baymouth resident Eunice Bowerman.

Despite the high seas, the Chi-Cheemaun set sail for Tobermory on its 10:50 am run. The vessel was visibly pounding the waves as it rounded the buoys.

The waves were reaching the Chi-Cheemaun ticket booth and beyond, sending huge amounts of sea wall rubble across the parking lot and ferry laneways.

In the municipal marina, high winds caused the docks to let go from their moorings. Public works was on scene to rescue their property.

Winds were gusting upwards of 50 km/hr. The Sunday Chi-Cheemaun sailings were cancelled for the remainder of the day.