Gratitude for kind words to summer visitors

Thank you for some of the best memories we will ever have

Thank you for your kind words regarding visitors to Manitoulin Island. My family is one of those visitors. My parents fell in love with the area in the mid-70s. They decided to buy a cottage and our family has been coming up from the Detroit area every summer since. It’s hard not to love the unique natural beauty of the area nor find a prettier place in the world. When the water warms up a bit in August, skies are clear and the Milky Way glows in the night sky with an occasional Northern light show to entertain—magical, religious, humbling—is the only way to describe it. It’s also amazing how quickly your brain rewires to plan your travels around an hourly swing bridge!

As visitors, we’re not here for long as this is not our home. We rely on those who do live here to make our visits possible and enjoyable and for some 40 years we’ve always felt welcomed. We try to buy everything we need locally. Besides being convenient it’s important to us that local businesses are as successful as possible as it’s not only good for us but we want to do our part as guests of your community.

I’m sure it’s not easy having so many visitors pass through but you truly wouldn’t know it by the attitudes and nature of the people we’ve met over the years. So much has changed but so much is exactly the same and that’s what brings us back year after year.

To those who make the area home—my family and I thank you for your tolerance and patience of so many in a vacation mental haze. We also thank you for some of the best memories we will ever have from a very special place in the world.

Karl Albrecht