Gore Bay Fish and Game Club plants over 4,700 walleye in Lake Kagawong

Big, healthy fish! Members of the Gore Bay District Fish and Game Club (GBFGC) stocked 4,729 walleye advanced fingerlings in Lake Kagawong earlier this week.

LAKE KAGAWONG—Over 4,700 walleye advanced fingerlings have been stocked in Lake Kagawong waters by members of the Gore Bay Fish and Game Club, along with many partners.

“We released a total of 4,729 into Lake Kagawong,” stated Ian Anderson, a member of the GBFGC early Monday afternoon. “The fish range in size from 7.4 grams to 10 grams, which translates into an average per fish length of four to five inches.”

“We are very pleased with the overall size and health of the walleye that were stocked,” said Mr. Anderson. “We raise the fish throughout the entire summer to the fall, so that they are advanced fingerling size fish when they are stocked so there is less chance they will be consumed by other fish. For the most part the fish we raised and planted are beyond the size of yellow perch predating them,” said Mr. Anderson.

“Without a bunch of volunteers who helped raise-feed and plant the fish, their time and in some cases, money, this program wouldn’t take place,” said Mr. Anderson. “This program is certainly a joint effort. Among our partners in the program is the Sudbury and District MNRF (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry), the Blue Jay Fish Culture Station, GBFGC and Billings Township, which makes a very generous donation to the walleye program every year.”

“We have now carried out this stocking program for  five years,” continued Mr. Anderson, “and it is our hope to continue the program for many more years.”