Good Stuff Box helps to make a difference in the world

Vanessa Glasby of Ice Lake has opened a new business, Good Stuff Box, on Manitoulin Island. The business is a new quarterly lifestyle subscription service aimed at customers who want to give back and make a difference in the world through small everyday actions.

MANITOULIN—An enterprising Ice Lake woman has launched a new business, Good Stuff Box.

“Good Stuff Box is a new quarterly lifestyle subscription service aimed at customers who want to give back and make a difference in the world through small, everyday actions,” said Vanessa Glasby. “Customers receive one box per quarter (shipped out in March, June, September, and December), and each box contains four to six full-sized items plus additional coupons and samples. Local customers can elect to pick their boxes up at The Island Jar in Little Current if they’d like to save on shipping,” said Ms. Glasby. 

“Good Stuff connects customers with like-minded businesses and other consumers who share their values and desire to make the world a little better through small, everyday actions. Good Stuff is not just a subscription service, but also a social network of Canadian change-makers. We strive to become a brand leader in socially- and environmentally-conscious living, and to work with partner charities to give back and reinvest our profits to do even more good,” said Ms. Glasby. “Our first charity partner of 2019 is Zawadi La Tumaini, also known as ZLT Hope Homes. It is a children’s home in Nairobi, Kenya which was founded by Sudbury native Jacqueline Villeneuve. More information about ZLT can be found on the blog section of”

Good Stuff was founded by Ms. Glasby, but was actually the brainchild of her mother Heather, who had purchased similar subscription plans for Christmas gift-giving one year, and saw no reason why Vanessa couldn’t create her own version, adding her own ethical and Canadian flair to the mix. With a great deal of encouragement, time, tea and snacks, Good Stuff was born in late 2018 and Vanessa has never looked back.

“This is a side business,” Ms. Glasby told The Recorder, pointing out she works full-time at The Island Jar in Little Current as its assistant manager. The Good Stuff Box “has been an idea I’ve had for a while. I conducted research a year ago and found there was interest from other businesses as well as from customers.”

So she applied for funding. She applied in the summer, explaining, “in January I pitched the idea to Grant Canada for funding of $5,000 through the Regional Business Centre in Sudbury. I wasn’t sure if we (Manitoulin) would fall within their catchment area, but we were.”

“Good Stuff is committed to Canadian consumers who want to make the world a better place, and believe their purchases can contribute to this wish. Each and every product included in a Good Stuff Box is created by innovative companies working in Canada, and is specially designed to do good in the world, giving back to the global community. All participating companies have a charity partner and/or a cause-focused mission, and are working hard to have a positive impact on major social or environmental concerns,” continued Ms. Glasby.

“Good Stuff exists to provide customers with a premium subscription service that they can feel proud to be a part of,” she said. “Customers can feel good knowing that the brands behind the socially- and environmentally-conscious lifestyle products they are receiving are working hard to do good and create a positive impact.”
She noted that her mother had previously purchased a similar type of subscription box for her. “I loved it, but the US international shipping and duty costs made it prohibitive. I had to cancel after a year even though I love the program.”

However, “as my mother said to me, why not try to establish a Canadian equivalent program,” said Ms. Glasby. “So I did,” noting, “people can contact the website to set up their order and get the contact form there. Or they can send me an email, or find me at the Island Jar.”

 “I manage all the orders, packaging, shipping, communication,” said Ms. Glasby. “I do have a collection of friends who help me pack the boxes.”

“We will be packing 150 boxes at a time,” she said. And, “for people on Manitoulin Island they would normally have to pay a flat rate shipping rate, but they can pick up the Good Food Box at The Island Jar with no shipping fee.”

Each box is $54.95 if purchased one-at-a-time (known as a seasonal plan), or customers can pay $199.95 for an annual plan which includes four boxes (one per quarter for a year) at a savings of approximately $20. “For anyone who is interested in ‘testing the waters,’ a seasonal plan is a great option; these customers will be billed for their first box and can then cancel at any time after that initial purchase as long as it’s before their next billing date (roughly three months after their first charge),” she added.