First annual church fundraising concert being held in memory of Don Bainbridge

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KAGAWONG—The first annual fundraising concert to raise funds toward the restoration and renovation of St. Paul’s on the Hill Church in Kagawong into a multi-media and community event space will be held on the evening of June 9 in memory of Don Bainbridge.

“The reason why this first fundraising concert for the building is being held in memory of Don is that, even though he didn’t live in Kagawong for a long time, he made a huge impact in the music scene in the community, including the Kagawong Folk Roots (band), a group which has been going for a few years now,” said Jamie Ward, one of the organizers of the event. “He had a relatively short but impactful legacy on the community. He helped grow the music component in Kagawong.”

“Don’s passing was devastating to those of us who knew him,” said Mr. Ward. “But he would have been so happy to see this concert was taking place and the opportunity to help support the building and the plans for it.”

“Don really believed in music in the community and that music could bring people together,” said Mr. Ward. “When my wife Jean and I arrived in Kagawong, Doug Alkenbrack was the only person in the community that was really putting himself out there musically. Now there is a bunch of talented musical talent has been brought together in the community.”

Proceeds from the concert will go towards the restoration and renovation of St. Paul’s into a multi-media and community event space. The concert will feature performances by Kagawong Folk Roots, Peter Gordon and Willa Wilson, Doug Alkenbrack, Matt Maranger, Jamie Ward and Patrick Therrien.

The concert is being held June 9 at St. Paul’s on the Hill in Kagawong. Tickets are available for $15 at the door or at Main Street Café 1428 Lakeshore Drive in Kagawong.