Exciting new changes arrive at Manitoulin.ca

This newspaper’s award-winning website is undergoing changes and expansions to better serve the needs of Manitoulin Island residents and visiting readers. Visit Manitoulin.ca to see the new changes and stay tuned for more.

MANITOULIN – The Expositor’s award-winning website Manitoulin.ca is undergoing some changes and effective today, Wednesday, November 20, readers can expect even more from Manitoulin Island’s busiest site.

One of the website’s most popular features is its Job Board—a listing of all the jobs posted in The Expositor’s classified pages. In fact, the Job Board is so busy it’s even used as a resource by the federal government’s popular Job Bank website. The new and improved Job and Notice Board will also include notices, tenders and requests for proposals from municipalities and businesses.

“When you submit your notice (or tender, request for proposal, etc.) to the newspaper, it will also be displayed on our Notice Board, Manitoulin’s highest trafficked website,” explained Expositor web manager Dave Patterson, who noted that the Job Board alone gets 50,000 page views each month.

The same will also work for event advertising. Each time a display ad for an event is placed through this newspaper, or the Manitoulin West Recorder, the event will appear on Manitoulin.ca’s brand new Events Board. Mr. Patterson said he anticipates equally high traffic for the new addition.

“We wanted to offer yet another avenue for people to get their information,” Mr. Patterson added, pointing to this newspaper’s 140-year-old ‘community first’ tradition.

Visitors to the site in recent weeks may have also notice a pop-up advertisement, encouraging readers to sign up for a weekly Friday newsletter, the first of which will be received in people’s inboxes this week. The newsletter will highlight the top stories from the week, events happening that weekend and what we’re working on for next week.

“We’ve had a lot of signups already,” Mr. Patterson said. “For those who are interested in the Friday newsletter, head to our website and click the ‘Count me in!’ button on the dropdown box.”

“We’re hoping all these new website additions will help to keep our readers more informed than ever,” Mr. Patterson added.