Cycling pleasure enhanced by Islanders

To the Expositor:

I recently had the pleasure of spending six days on Manitoulin Island. The focus of my trip was to cycle, hike and kayak while spending my nights at a campsite.  There were endless opportunities to explore nature, relax and eat well.  Everyone we met welcomed us and all were helpful. On one of our road tours, we took longer than expected as we stopped to take some pictures, as well as take cover in a downpour but mainly because my front tire blew twice. While changing the tire for a second time, a local stopped and asked if he could help out. He barely got down the road when another fellow stopped. He was sent out by one of the local shop owners who knew what time we had left and was concerned that something might have happened. This fellow had a bike rack…just in case. Does it get any better? Yup.

As we continued along, we passed by a local bike shop. We stopped in and explained that we had used our two spare tubes and did he have any. Yes, they did, but they only took cash, of which we had none. We left with two tire tubes and returned later to make payment. All in all, we had a fantastic time. My only suggestion that would have made this holiday the best—pave some more of those shoulders on the road. And yes, I will be following up. I plan to spend one week a summer on Manitoulin Island until I have completed every one of your bike routes.

Many thanks for a memorable holiday,
Cindy Weatherhead