COVID-19 Livestream with Dr. Mike Bedard

Time stamps in the live stream:

0:00 – Introduction and background information about COVID-19
3:09 – How Dr. Bedard found himself in his information role during COVID-19
4:05 – How has Manitoulin Island been handling COVID-19 so far?
4:43 – State of the union with COVID-19 on Manitoulin as of March 18
5:34 – What are the long-term effects if you get COVID-19?
10:23 – Is 14 days long enough for quarantines?
13:48 – Spread rate, flu versus COVID-19
15:27 – Is runny nose a symptom?
16:15 – Are Manitoulin’s hospitals well-equipped to handle COVID-19 cases?
20:13 – Government policies to flatten the curve are important for everyone to follow
22:37 – Does temperature change how long COVID-19 lives on surfaces?
23:18 – When will tests be available on Manitoulin?
23:52 – Why you should save N95 masks for doctors, not purchase them
26:47 – What would you recommend as reliable information sources?
29:09 – Any tips for evaluating creditability of sources?
32:49 – Current case numbers from John Hopkins University
33:09 – What can people do to stay safe while working in places like grocery stores?
35:18 – Usefulness of wearing masks
36:03 – What should people with seasonal allergies do regarding medications?
36:59 – Should I be concerned about my friends who are still gathering?
38:40 – A message for people coming back to Manitoulin from away
40:25 – Have any teenagers contracted COVID-19?
41:09 – Can I get COVID-19 again if I’ve already had it?
42:34 – Should we be wiping down our groceries as well?
45:36 – Does temperature matter for handwashing with soap?
46:31 – Are there two different strains of COVID-19, and should this be a concern?
49:02 – What about using inhalers for conditions like asthma?
52:55 – Can you take a test if you previously had symptoms but only have breathing issues now?
53:45 – Is this a good time to make connections with neighbours before the virus spreads here?
55:43 – How do you stay safe if you’re on a plane?
56:55 – Are Chloraseptics and zinc lozenges safe to take?
58:45 – Will hair dryers up your nose cure COVID-19, as seen in a viral video?
1:01:40 – Are pets a risk for catching or transmitting COVID-19?
1:02:38 – Is over-sanitizing creating a risk for superbugs?
1:03:46 – What would you hope small businesses do to keep crucial staff safe?
1:06:32 – Where can you find zinc lozenges?
1:07:31 – I’ve heard elderberry syrup and Echinacea can make COVID-19 symptoms worse, any truth to this?
1:08:34 – Will sleep apnea machines help people breathe if facing COVID-19?
1:08:53 – What is your opinion on in-person elections during the outbreak?
1:10:02 – What can I do if I work with clients who may not practice good hygiene?
1:12:22 – March 18 was the worst day so far for new U.S. infections, what are your thoughts?
1:13:40 – What should people do when they come back from away?
1:14:31 – Message from Manitoulin Health Centre Chief Nursing Officer Paula Fields
1:15:17 – Is apple cider vinegar safe to take?
1:15:58 – Do saunas improve symptoms?
1:16:50 – Helpful healthy food information from our producers
1:17:18 – Social distancing does not mean isolation, what should people do to feel connected?
1:20:24 – What should contractors do during this time?
1:21:20 – What would your one lasting piece of advice be for people?
1:22:25 – Closing remarks