Council decides to maintain ownership of Wagg’s Wood

Wagg’s Wood

CENTRAL MANITOULIN – Council moved to affirm that it would retain ownership of the greenspace known as Wagg’s Wood and further, that the municipality move forward with investigating how to develop and preserve the property. The motion was moved by Councillor Angela Johnston and seconded by Councillor Al Tribinevicius.

“There was an offer to council for a 99-year lease on that property,” said Councillor Derek Stephens. “What happened with that? Would this impact the status quo?”

“Even if the property were to be leased, we would still own the property,” said CAO Ruth Frawley.

Councillor Steve Shaffer questioned the use of the word “greenspace” in the motion, asking if the current zoning was residential hamlet.

“In the new Official Plan it is designated as ‘open space’,” said Mayor Richard Stephens. “It could still have a development plan, but that would need to accord with the Official Plan.”

The motion then passed unopposed.