Central Manitoulin council sworn in, minus one seat

Central Manitoulin’s newest council, from left, Councillor Steve Shaffer, Councillor Derek Stephens, Mayor Richard Stephens, Councillor Linda Farquhar, Councillor Angela Johnston and Councillor Dale Scott. photo by Betty Bardswich

MINDEMOYA—Central Manitoulin council members took their oath of office December 4 and were welcomed by Mayor Richard Stephens. Angela Johnston of Providence Bay, representing Ward 1 and Steve Shaffer of Mindemoya, representing Ward 2, are new to council. There is a vacancy in Ward 3 and the mayor noted that the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing says the position has to be filled.

“There are six ways to be declared vacant,” he spelled out, “and we don’t fit into any of those, but I still have a minister to deal with.”

This was a special meeting of council with the purpose of making appointments to committees and sub-committees of council.

Councillor Stephens will head up the Roads/Water/Waste Committee along with members Angela Johnston, Steven Shaffer and Dale Scott. Councillor Scott will chair the Property Committee with Derek Stephens, Linda Farquhar and Steven Shaffer sitting as members.

Councillor Shaffer is the new head of the Security/Health/Education Committee, joined by members Councillor Farquhar, Councillor Johnston and Councillor Stephens while Councillor Johnston will head the Finance/Economic Development Committee, joined with Councillors Scott, Stephens and Farquhar.

Councillor Farquhar will be looking after Office/Administration and Committee Affairs and Councillors Shaffer, Scott and Johnston will join her.

Mayor Stephens is a member of all Central Manitoulin committees.

There are many council sub-committees and Councillor Shaffer has been appointed to the Beautification and Police Advisory committees, while Councillor Farquhar’s appointments include the Central Manitoulin Cemetery Board and the Historical Society. Councillor Johnston will be a member of the Public Library Board and the Providence Bay Community Centre Board.

Councillor Stephens has been appointed to the Discovery Centre Board, the Provincial Offences Act and Weed Inspector. Councillor Scott will sit on the Fence Viewers and Livestock Evaluator sub-committees.

The vacancy outstanding on the Mindemoya Old School Repurposing Committee (MOSRC) will be filled at the next council meeting.

Mayor Stephens will attend District Social Services Board meetings as a member, will sit on the Manitoulin Municipal Association Committee along with Councillor Scott and will head the Manitoulin Planning Board.