Central Manitoulin Council Notes

Water use bylaw passed

Council passed a bylaw imposing controls on outdoor water use on recommendation of the Public Works committee. “We did have input of people’s concerns,” said Councillor Adam McDonald in moving the motion, seconded by Councillor Patricia MacDonald.

“The operators of the water plant said that it was advisable to have a water use bylaw,” he continued, noting that such bylaws are common in most other municipalities.

Parking lot money moved to engineering study

Councillor Ted Taylor moved a motion, seconded by Councillor Gloria Haner, that monies budgeted for the paving of the parking lot (between the municipal office and the arena) be allocated instead towards the engineering costs for the design of the municipal complex/community centre/Mindemoya arena parking lot. The recommendation to reallocate the funds had come on recommendation of the Public Works committee.

“We had set money aside in the budget (for the paving),” noted Councillor Taylor. “There was concern that we are going to do work on the arena and that the money (for paving) would be better spent on the engineering. We need to ensure that there is good drainage in that area.”

“We do have issues with drainage in that area,” remarked CAO Ruth Frawley.

Councillor Gloria Haner noted that the money for paving had been put aside when the municipality was anticipating economies of scale for another paving project nearby.

Councillor Adam McDonald asked if the work being scheduled on the Yonge Street project would involve asphalt.

“That would be tar and chip,” provided Ms. Frawley.

“This should solve the problem of water running into the arena,” said Councillor Haner, noting that the issue could result in future damage to the structure if not addressed properly.

Water treatment report passed

A motion to accept the Water Treatment Plant Operating Report as submitted by OCWA (Ontario Clean Water Agency) was made by Councillor Ted Taylor, seconded by Councillor Patricia MacDonald.

“We received the report and everything seems to be in order,” said Councillor Taylor.

Community improvement Plan tax grant increment approved

Council reviewed and approved a tax rebate schedule for the Central Manitoulin Community Improvement Plan Increment Grant on recommendation from the Public Works committee moved by Councillor Beverly Cannard-Pearson and seconded by Councillor Patricia MacDonald. The schedule will see an 80 percent rebate in year 1, 60 percent in year 2, 40 percent in year 3, 20 percent in year 4 and no rebate in year 5.

“This was not adopted in the original plan,” said Councillor Cannard-Pearson. “We thought it would be best to put the schedule in place since we did have applications.”

“Did we not have this already?” questioned Councillor Patricia MacDonald. “I remember we talked about it.”

“This is the schedule that we talked about with the ministry,” agreed Councillor Cannard-Pearson. “It was discussed, but we had to set out the formula.”

Community Improvement Plan applications approved

Council passed a number of recommendations for community improvement plan applications reviewed by the Public Works committee.

The first application, 2014-02, was for a multi-unit residential property effective once the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation has been received, according to the schedule.

“This was one of the applications from 2013, but we had run out of funds,” said Councillor Beverly Cannard-Pearson in moving the motion, seconded by Councillor Adam McDonald. “We had encouraged them to reapply.”

“Should that not actually be in our plan?” asked Mayor Gerry Strong.

“I encourage anyone who is planning to do this to read the application information,” said Councillor McDonald, noting that the program was only intended for future development, not for projects already built. “I don’t want to go into details here, but it does not apply to buildings that are already up and running—it is intended to encourage building.”

“The municipality will get the tax dollars back ten-fold,” noted Councillor Cannard-Pearson. “But the applicant cannot start work on any project before they apply.

Second up on the list was application 2014-03, for On the Bay Bed and Breakfast for signage, at $2,700, moved by Councillor Cannard-Pearson and Councillor McDonald.

“This application was sent in but we had questions about it when it first came in, so we held off,” said Councillor Cannard-Pearson. “The questions had to do with signage and rearranging the signage so that it was not on township property.”

Jack Ashley wins bid on Anglin Street property

Council accepted a bid of $63,003 for an Anglin Street property that had been previously declared surplus by Central Manitoulin council. The motion to accept the bid was made by Councillor Patricia MacDonald and seconded by Councillor Beverley Cannard-Pearson.

“This was property that had been declared surplus to the municipality,” noted Councillor MacDonald. “This was the highest bid.”

“It was a higher bid than what the property was initially appraised at,” added Councillor MacDonald. “The appraisal was at $45,000.”

Automatic fire aid agreement inked with Tehkummah

A recommendation from the Finance and Administration Committee meeting of May 14, authorizing the clerk to enter into an automatic aid agreement with the Township of Tehkummah for fire coverage of the Michael’s Bay and Carter’s Bay area of the two municipalities, was passed on a motion by Councillor Patricia MacDonald, seconded by Councillor Ted Taylor.

“This was initiated as a result of the planned bridge construction,” said Councillor MacDonald. “Fire trucks would not be able to get to that area without going a long way around.”

Under the agreement, both fire departments would be informed of a fire in that area and it would be accessed by the nearest fire department,” noted Councillor Gloria Haner.

“On the Carter Bay side it would be us responding,” clarified Mayor Gerry Strong.

Pearson Cup on June 13 to 15 declared a community festival

Council declared the weekend of June 13 to 15 a community festival to accommodate the annual Pearson Cup Tournament and further that the municipality allow the Mindemoya Curling Club to hold an outside beer garden during the event, in keeping with LLBO regulations and the municipal alcohol policy, and further that Central Manitoulin’s alcohol policy be forwarded to both the Mindemoya Curling Club and the Pearson Cup organizing committee.

“I think this is the 32nd year for the Pearson Cup,” said Councillor Gloria Haner in seconding the motion made by Councillor Patricia MacDonald. “It’s been quite a while.”

Gravel tenders awarded

Two tender recommendations, which would normally have come forward from the Public Works Committee, came forward from the Administration and Finance Committee due to time constraints.

The first tender acceptance awarded to CC Construction for 1,000 cubic metres of broken 3 inch minus, to be supplied and tailgate spread on various municipal roads at a unit price of $13.25, was moved by Councillor Patricia MacDonald and seconded by Councillor Ted Taylor.

A gravel tender acceptance was awarded to Calvin Pearson and Son Excavation and Haulage Ltd. for 6,000 metres of granular ‘M’ gravel, to be supplied and tailgate spread on various municipal roads, was moved by Councillor Patricia MacDonald and seconded by Councillor Gloria Haner.

“Just for clarification, these were the lowest bids?” inquired Councillor Adam McDonald. Councillor MacDonald noted that the two RFPs were advertised as separate bids as well.