Billings Township purchases property to help alleviate safety concerns in Kagawong

KAGAWONG—The township of Billings has now finalized a deal for the purchase of property which will be used to provide more safety for residents and visitors to the Bridal Veil Falls area in Kagawong.

“Yes, the deal we had made for purchasing property to provide for parking has now been completed,” confirmed Billings Mayor Austin Hunt last Friday.

As reported in December, the township was to purchase property to provide for parking near the Bridal Veil Falls area to hopefully alleviate major concerns members of council and the community have had with traffic and safety in the area of Highway 540.

Council has been looking at options as to how to alleviate the problem of people parking their vehicles on the highway near Bridal Veil Falls and the safety concerns it poses. The township had been looking at various options, including purchasing property on the Bridal Veil Falls side of the highway.

“We will now be making the property we purchased into a parking lot,” said Mr. Hunt. “That piece of property is located between property owned by Jill Ferguson and Doug Clarke. It is not an oversized parcel of land but hopefully it will help protect people who are walking or crossing the highway with a fewer vehicles parked on the shoulders of the highway.”

The property the township has purchased is little over one-half acre in size. Signs will be posted to indicate the space to be used by vehicles.