Barrie Island author Donald Roberts releases mystery thriller

Donald Roberts, a Barrie Island author has just released, his newest novel ‘Leather Lace and Lead: A Donna Maria McCarthy Mystery Thriller.

BARRIE ISLAND—Barrie Island author Donald Roberts has just released his newest novelette ‘Leather Lace and Lead: A Donna Maria McCarthy Mystery Thriller.’

“It is a murder mystery which includes a conspiracy,” Mr. Roberts told the Recorder. He explained, “Donna Maria McCarthy is a private investigator in Southampton, UK. She takes on a client whose brother has been arrested for murder who, though a thief, is not a violent man and is innocent of the charges. Donna sets out to prove his innocence but discovers a deep and dark under plot.”

Mr. Roberts told the Recorder, “it took me three weeks to do the actual writing of the novel, about six hours a day and five months to put it together. I spent four months and one week researching the lay of the land in Southampton via the internet, during which time I did a character study for my protagonist.”

“This will be (the first) in a series of books. I am already writing the second book and outlining the third,” said Mr. Roberts. 

His new novel is available in paperback and digital formats through Amazon Kindle, noted Mr. Roberts.

Mr. Roberts is an experienced writer. “I have written about 15 novelettes and well over a hundred short stories as well as some graphic novel/comic books, one of which is now available on Walmart digital books.”