Assignack Council Notes – June 13, 2018

Councillors’ corner

Councillor Brenda Reid commented on the Assiginack Public Library’s used book shop being open at the former tourist information booth on Highway 6, noting that it’s been well attended since its opening. The booth is volunteer-run and still offers visitor information.

Councillor Hugh Moggy commented on the quality of the grass cutting at the arena and at the pavilion, noting that some other areas in Manitowaning need attention. Clerk Jeremy Rody told council that the public works summer student begins next week.

Councillor Leslie Fields thanked public works for getting the Manitowaning race track ready for the Assiginack Public School track and field meet held last Monday.

Library minutes

Following a review of the library board minutes, Councillor Reid shared with council that the board will likely be purchasing a Nintendo Wii to start a Wii bowling league in the winter months.

Councillor Fields explained that Mr. Rody is in the midst of helping the library develop a ‘tech team.’

Hilly Grove Cemetery Board

Councillor Moggy reviewed the Hilly Grove Cemetery Board minutes. He explained that the multi-municipality board met at the cemetery to have a walk-around of the grounds. He said the grass is looking good.

Councillor Moggy said he reminded his fellow board members that they are currently running a deficit and that the municipalities may have to increase their funds in the future.

Manor review

Council reviewed the minutes of the Manitoulin Centennial Manor board. Councillor Reid questioned the cost of replacing/cleaning the eavestroughs, which she felt was expensive. Mayor Paul Moffatt explained that the board has not decided as to what it will do.

The mayor also noted the good news it received from the Liberal government for increased funding for an RN, RPN and falls prevention.

Accounts for payment

Council approved the following accounts for payment: $220,715.43, general; $43,546.66, payroll.

June is Seniors’ Month

Council proclaimed June as Seniors’ Month, reading: “Whereas seniors have contributed and continue to contribute immensely to the life and vibrancy of this community; and whereas their contributions past and present warrant appreciation and recognition and their stories deserve to be told; and whereas the health and well-being of seniors is in the interest of all and further adds to the health and well-being of the community; and whereas the knowledge and experience seniors pass on to us continues to benefit all; I, Mayor Moffatt, do hereby proclaim June 1-30, 2018 Seniors’ Month in Assiginack and encourage all citizens to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our seniors.”


Council passed Bylaw 18-18 “for the licencing and requiring the registration of dogs and for the control and keeping of dogs within the Township of Assiginack.”

Councillor Moggy said he guesses that the municipality is licencing less then 20 percent of the dogs in the municipality.

CEO Alton Hobbs said he wouldn’t argue that figure, but said they would have a hard time proving otherwise.

Council also passed Bylaw 18-19 to authorize a Memorandum of Understanding between Assiginack and New North Fisheries “to execute a one-year extension to the previous memorandum of understanding with New North Fisheries, for the use of the Campbell Street road allowance, excluding the shore road allowance, as an access road for the completion of an aquaculture pilot project in Manitowaning Bay.”

Mr. Hobbs explained that New North Fisheries is currently considering the purchase of neighbouring properties that are up for sale.

Mayor Moffatt said he heard that Manitowaning Bay had a huge change in temperature in a short amount of time and that it did not affect the caged whitefish whatsoever.

Council also passed Bylaw 18-20 and Bylaw 18-21 to enter into a contract with Anette Virtanen for the lease of the arena canteen and to enter into a contract with Wes and Anette Virtanen for the maintenance and operation of the arena. The same contractors have been looking after the arena and its canteen for some time.

Councillor Moggy said he knows the Virtanens do a good job, but he questioned the jump in price by almost 20 percent.

Councillor Reid suggested leaving it for this year and consider tendering it out when the contract comes up. Councillor Moggy said that would be up to the next council.

The bylaws were carried.