Assiginack’s Candy Cane Contest is back for Christmas

Be on the lookout for the 20 two-foot candy canes hidden throughout Assiginack.

ASSIGINACK—For the second year, Assiginack is hosting its fun candy cane contest.

Twenty two-foot candy canes are hidden all over the township. This year two individuals volunteered to hide them to make it a little bit harder than the previous year. Hints are first released on the Township of Assiginack Facebook page on a regular basis between December 1 and 31 with a weekly summary of hints found on their website, posters around town and in The Expositor.

“In order to play you have to take the numbered hint and find the matching candy cane,” explained Assiginack events coordinator Jackie White. “You simply can’t write down the location as each candy cane is numbered so that you must actually go to the location and record the number found on the candy cane with the location. Up for grabs is $400 in gift certificates from local businesses!”

Once you have found all 20 candy canes, drop off your list to the municipal office (now located on Arthur Street near the Fresh-Mart) or email it to The draw will be done on January 2, 2016.

To date the following hints are: hint No. 1: so many boxes, so much confusion, when you make a move down the street; hint No. 2: at the intersection of these two streets is the candy cane, you will find an amazing lodge if you go down the lane; hint No. 3: almost 70 years ago it dropped A_ _ _ _ R; hint No. 4: down the hill you hit the corner, go straight, go left, but right will not keep you afloat, you might hit a boat; and hint No. 5: where the water bills are high, find a pole and look up to the sky.