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We know many of the facts, facets and fables of the sinking of the luxury-liner Titanic. How she sailed on her maiden voyage in April 1912 and met her fate at the hands of a roving Atlantic iceberg. There has been a myriad of books, films and documentaries about this enduring tragedy. Andrew Wilson’s book ‘Shadow of the Titanic: the Extraordinary Stories of those Who Survived’ is a different take on a tale that continues to fascinate the world even after 100 years. This book gathers onto its pages the unique and varied memories of several of Titanic’s pitifully few survivors. The stories range from the recall of Titanic’s first class, rich and famous travellers to the remembrances of her little known second and third class voyagers. This book injects a relevant and improved depth to this intriguing seafaring legend.

What is an apron? According to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary it is: ‘a garment worn to protect the front of a person’s clothes from dirt or damage during tasks – fastened at the back.’ Aprons have been around for centuries and they make great gifts for all occasions. If you enjoy sewing, the book ‘A is for Apron: 25 Fresh and Flirty Designs’ by Nathalie Mornu is the pick for you. I rarely remember seeing my great-grandmother without an apron on. She had several of them, varying in style, fabric and colour, but they all had a pocket, which became the home to stray buttons, bits of string, a band-aid, a peppermint, a small pair of scissors to trim threads or plants and a handkerchief (in her later years, Kleenex). Generally her apron pocket would also contain a ‘found’ dime that would be given to a deserving child, perhaps for a Popsicle at the General Store. I so loved her—and those wonderful aprons!

Canadian writer Don Gillmor’s novel, ‘Mount Pleasant’ is a sobering look at the problem of modern financial debt. For a lot of folks today it would take a miracle to pull them out of their monetary deficit. Gillmor’s central character, Harry Salter, is in dire fiscal straits and every aspect of his life is suffering as a result. This story is a glimpse into how we manage and mismanage money. It is a sage and discerning tale of the devastating burden that can fall on our daily affairs and personal essence from our unrealistic and overly orchestrated lifestyles.

‘The Hindi-Bindi Club’ is Monica Pradham’s intensely touching first novel. The story delves into the delicate connections that exist between mothers and daughters. The book is full of insight, intimacy and innate charm. It also contains some amazing and authentic eastern recipes!

Young Adult Pick: ‘The War of Jenkin’s Ear’ by author Michael Morpurgo.

DVD Pick: ‘Dedication’ starring Mandy Moore and Billy Crudup—a highly unusual romantic comedy.

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