Assiginack Council Notes

November 5 special meeting

On November 5 a special meeting of council was called to amend Bylaw 80-20, a restricted zoning bylaw.

The report from the Manitoulin Planning Board (MPB) came before council regarding the property of Alois and Laura Frank and the conditions they need to fulfill for a consent to sever so that they might rezone Part of Lot 15, Concession V, the easterly 300 metres of their property (setback from Lake Manitou) from shoreline residential zone and agriculture zone to development zone.

The MPB noted that Lake Manitou has been designated as an ‘at capacity’ lake by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Zoning Bylaw 80-20, as amended by Bylaw 2014-24 added a development zone section. “It is considered that rezoning the easterly 300 metres to development zone would meet the requirements for new lot creation on a lake deemed to be at capacity,” the MPB report states.

“Therefore, in order to comply with requirements of policies related to lakes at capacity, the Planning Board has imposed a condition for rezoning that would provide for no new development within 300 metres of Lake Manitou for the subject land i.e. rezoning to development zone.”

The MPB noted that there are no land use changes proposed for the remaining land, being Part of Lots 14 and 15, Concession V.

The MPB received concerns from two of the Franks neighbours, but during the special meeting of Assiginack council no one spoke against the zoning change.

Council approved the consent.

Councillors’ corner

Councillor Hugh Moggy thanked events coordinator Jackie White and her volunteers for the seniors’ luncheon hosted by the municipality. He did note that many of the seniors did not know about it as it had been advertised online and through social media, which many elderly people do not use. Councillor Dave McDowell agreed and suggested a seniors’ mailing list or phone tree.

Councillor Dave McDowell informed council that he would be attending the monthly Community Policing Advisory Committee meeting the following week and asked council to call with any concerns they would like to see brought up at the meeting.

Councillor Rob Maguire shared with council that he and Mayor Dave Ham had met with FedNor representatives that afternoon about the possibility of a funding application for a new economic development officer. He said he believed they were “on the right track.”

Councillor McDowell noted to council that as MPB board rep there would be some interesting discussion coming up regarding the number of lots that can be severed before a property is deemed a subdivision.

Accounts for payment

Council approved the following accounts for payment: general, $89,397.21; and payroll, $44,441.98.

Water connection request

The owner of a seasonal dwelling on Bay Street asked council to consider providing a water connection following confirmation that the residence is indeed on private property. 

Council said it would also inform the owner of the residence on Sunova Beach Road that they would look at their similar request in its 2020 capital budget with a view to bringing this wild line up to standards and “assuming full responsibility for it.”

Medical Centre

 building concerns

Council received a letter of concern from Diane Tremblay regarding access to the basement of the medical centre. Ms. Tremblay raised concerns with the amount of construction debris that could be found in the basement, where a seniors’ exercise group meets each week.

Councillor Moggy asked CAO Alton Hobbs about the Family Health Team (FHT) cabinetry, which he said is taking a long time to finish. Mr. Hobbs responded that he was “not about to micromanage” the FHT.

Council passed a motion to allow the senior exercise group to use the arena atrium, free of charge, on one morning per week with scheduling to be approved by arena management.



Council received a letter from Linda Bowerman on behalf of Royal Canadian Legion Branch #177, requesting approval for the display of commemorative banners that would be displayed on municipal lamp posts that would honour local veterans who have passed away. She asked that Assiginack’s public works crews be responsible for the placing, taking down and storage of the banners, but that she and a committee would raise funds and buy the flags.

Council passed a motion to install any such banners that come their way.

Christmas hamper donation

Council received correspondence from Manitoulin Family Resources (MFR) requesting assistance for its annual Christmas food basket campaign. 

Council passed a motion to donate $500 to the annual drive.

Fish cage move

Council was approached by Northern Fisheries, the entrepreneurs that have the whitefish cages in Manitowaning Bay, to relocate a fish cage to the Manitowaning waterfront for the winter months for a monthly fee of $200 to be paid to the township. Council agreed to the arrangement but stipulated that the cage must be removed from this location by April 30, 2020.