Assiginack Council Notes

Councillors’ corner

Councillor Hugh Moggy thanked and congratulated Lisa Hallaert for her work in organizing the Manitowaning Parade of Lights.

Accounts for payment

Council approved the following accounts for payment: general, $142,060.28; and payroll, $18,685.22.

Cannabis legislation

Council began its discussions to decide whether to opt in or out of allowing a cannabis retail store in Assiginack at its December 18 meeting. Municipalities have until January 22 to opt out, which would disclude them from any future revenue from the Ontario Cannabis Legalization Implementation Fund. They can, however, opt back in at any time.

Councillor Moggy began the discussion by saying that he realized the municipality wouldn’t be immune from any increase to the cost of policing or other services either way, whether it’s sold or not sold in Assiginack. “I really don’t support it, but there’s dollars out there,” he said, suggesting any resolution be tabled until January.

Councillor Rob Maguire said he agreed with Councillor Moggy, noting Councillor Dave McDowell’s absence from the council table.

Councillor Christianna Jones also agreed, adding that Councillor McDowell should have a say.

The matter was tabled until the next meeting of council, January 2.

Assiginack asks MTO for swing bridge inclusion

Council passed a motion calling on the Ministry of Transportation to include them on any further public input sessions regarding the swing bridge study and also asked that the Assiginack Public Library be included as a public location for residents to review the study or leave comments.

Christmas bonuses

A motion was passed to allow Christmas bonuses in the amount of $150 for full-time employees and $75 for part-time and seasonal employees.

Year-end surpluses

Another motion was passed that stated any year-end departmental surpluses would be placed in the appropriate departmental reserves.

Council appointments

Bylaw 18-32 was passed, appointing members of council to various boards and committees. The appointments are as follows: Assiginack Public Library, Christianna Jones; Hilly  Grove Cemetary Board, Rob Maguire; Assiginack Museum Advisory Committee, Hugh Moggy; Community Policing Advisory Committee, Dave McDowell; Provincial Offences Act Board, Christianna Jones; Manitoulin Planning Board, Dave Ham; Manitoulin East Municipal Airport Commission, Dave Ham and Rob Maguire; Manitoulin Centennial Manor Board, Hugh Moggy; Manitoulin Municipal Association, Dave Ham and Hugh Moggy; and Manitoulin Sudbury District Services Board, Dave Ham.