Are you on the Ontario voters list?

MANITOULIN––Elections Ontario wants to make sure you are registered for the June 7, 2018 Ontario general election and are promoting e-Registration across Ontario as a means of improving the accuracy of the Voters List. The new online tool was designed to simplify the registration process for Ontario voters.

On March 1, Elections Ontario launched a voter registration drive across Ontario to mark Provincial Voter Registration Month. Events were held across the province, including at college and university campuses to specifically target voters in the 18-24 demographic and were also planned for several electoral districts to ensure as many eligible voters as possible were reached.

With the number of electoral districts increasing from 107 to 124 it is important for voters to confirm that their information is correct, even though they may already be registered to vote. This ensures delivery of the Voter Information Card (VIC) to the right person at the right address for the June election.  The VIC will be mailed to every voter whose name and address appear on the voters list. It includes important information about where to vote, when to vote and how to vote.

To register to vote in an Ontario election you must be 18 years of age or older, a Canadian citizen and a resident of Ontario. You can confirm, update or add your information to the voters list easily with e-Registration. If you prefer, you can choose to update or add your information by submitting a paper form that is available on the same e-Registration website. Once the form is completed it will need to be mailed in along with photocopies of any required identification documents.

“We are asking voters to confirm, update or add their information using e-Registration,” said Greg Essensa, Elections Ontario’s Chief Electoral Officer. “We want to give voters the best possible voting experience by providing all the right tools to make voting easy.”

If you do not receive a voter information card in the mail from Elections Ontario your name may not be on the voters list. Bring one piece of identification that contains your name and residential address to your polling station to register to vote.

Visit to check if your name is on the voters list, to see a 2018 electoral district map and to find out which identification is acceptable or for other information on the June 7 election.